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In Ideas on 19 Feb 2010 at 9:48 am

There is nothing like a local expert. And The Green Valley News has found a good one in Dr. Charles Barta.

Barta recently retired to Green Valley. Before his retirement, he worked as medical director for several health insurers and was once physician-in-charge for Kaiser Permanente of Colorado. He’s been an internist in New Mexico and held a management position for a division of Pfizer. So he has seen the nation’s health care system from several telling angles.

Last year, Barta spoke with Green Valley News Managing Editor Dan Shearer about a series of articles tackling the health care debate. Originally, they envisioned a five-part series focusing on drug costs, malpractice, fraud and the like. That was so successful that now the pair cooperates on an occasional ongoing column.

“It’s a non-political look at a very political subject,” Dan wrote in an e-mail to me. “He doesn’t deal with the health care bills. He goes beyond that, looking at fraud, waste, prescriptions, traveling outside the U.S. for care, and many other subjects related to health care.”

Dan asked me whether I thought other papers in the chain might benefit from Dr. Barta’s writing. I told him they very likely could – though I would rather you find local experts, people your own readers might know and respect. Having said that, I think Dr. Barta’s columns would travel well across the state of Arizona…

If you are in Safford, or Sierra Vista or Douglas, Dr. Barta may go a long way toward filling a regular health page. I sent him an e-mail and he confirmed that he would be happy to contribute to your paper, for free. I have several of his columns, if you would like to see them. Dan can help, too, if you have particular questions. And Dr. Barta says you can reach him at Cbar52@aol.com.



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