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The dizzying pace of change

In Ideas on 12 Mar 2010 at 10:56 am

Here’s something you may have seen. It’s a collection of facts posted in pleasing form on YouTube. There are several iterations around the Web and together they paint a dizzying portrait of the pace of change in the world today.

It is the creation of Karl Fisch, a high school IT guy in Colorado, Scott McLeod, an associate professor at Iowa State University, and Jeff Brenman, the founder of a design and consulting firm in North Carolina. And that tells you something right there. Before the Internet turbo-boosted our lives, these guys likely would have never met, let alone been able to collaborate on something like this.

I mention it in The Kicker because it both directly and indirectly speaks to what we do and the pace of change in our industry.

As the managing editor of a weekly newspaper in a somewhat isolated place, I can sometimes convince myself that I’m insulated from that change. That a weekly newspaper is a stable thing and that my pursuit is at least reasonably like that of editors who have gone before me…

Fortunately or unfortunately, that illusion never lasts for long.

“Did You Know” asserts we are living in exponential times. That means we have access to information our parents never dreamed of. It means we have competitors able to produce professional news products from a laptop on their kitchen table. It means that soon the cell phone is likely to be the primary news delivery device. It means we have to be nimble.

I consume news virtually continuously throughout my waking life. I imagine you do, too. The pace of change is dizzying, to be sure. But the need for information and the voracious appetite for it is constant. May that fact provide some equilibrium.


  1. My family keeps me sane. Exponential time quits ticking when one is busy engaging with his or her loved ones.

  2. I think I have the voracious appetite. Need? Not so much.

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