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Shoveling in the good art

In Photography, Uncategorized on 6 May 2010 at 9:34 pm

Check it out!

Manuel Coppola at the Nogales International took a truly groundbreaking groundbreaking photo a couple weeks ago – on the heels of the Kicker post suggesting better such photos. This is really well done, and shows what you can get when you eschew the easy shot the men in suits want you to take.

“When they had the groundbreaking for the $213 million port of entry expansion project in Nogales (a huge deal here) they had placed the chrome-plated shovels on a rack by the stage where all the dignitaries were,” Manny wrote in a comment on last week’s Kicker post. “I got over there and shot all the spades in a row. It made a nice effect we ran on our front page.”

Perhaps more than anything this is proof that there is good art lurking in the most unlikely of places. You never know what will present itself if you look at things a little differently.

— Clay

  1. Nice. This really takes the photo-op to another level.

    Variety is also important among photos of the paper. It’s common for many photographers to shoot from the same perspective and distance from the subject. I appreciate that Manuel chose such a low perspective and went for the detail shot instead of showing the entire shovel.

  2. Great Photo Manny. How many times have we all seen the generic group photo event and looked right past it and the story. I’m sure this story got extra eyes because of this unique photo.

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