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How do they know all that?

In Online media on 1 Jul 2010 at 6:13 pm

Did you know that there are nine towns named Dublin in the United States, that the largest of them is in California and the smallest in North Carolina? Or that Iran has 2,440 kilometers of coastline and no legitimate rights to the Caspian Sea? No?

Well, then you need this. It is almost too cool for words.

It’s an online dictionary – dictionaries – of sorts. It allows you to very simply search just about anything. You can find out facts about your hometown and The Kremlin with just a couple keystrokes. I know, I know, Google does that too. But I think this is neater in some ways.

Here’s what I like best. If you download the free access to the company’s network servers you can get information and launch the program simply by highlighting it and typing in command and the equal sign simultaneously. It’s crazy simple and just plain fun.

As I say, even though it’s free, you have to download it, so you might want to ask your boss first.


  1. Best tip I’ve received in months.

    I’ve used it five times in two days, it’s replacing “rhymezone” as my favorite dictionary– it even incorporates CIA world factbook. (BTW, rhymezone is boss if you like rhyming headlines to add something to the soul-suckingly mundane community news… just don’t overdue it.)

    I hope somebody building one of these things will add the NMFS boat registration data and the USGS place names data from Geonames . The U.S. Gazateer is OK, but it doesn’t have the “what’s behind the name” passages Geonames includes for AK. It is inclusive, they even got Tatitlek spelled correctly.

    Thank you Clay.

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