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Show me the money

In Design on 6 Aug 2010 at 7:34 am

OK, hold your nose, people. I want to brag on the home team for just a minute.

This week, Half Moon Bay Review reporter Mark Noack and designer Bill Murray collaborated on a front-page graphic that is sure to spark discussion around the dinner table. The graphic you see above was paired with a story about a proposed sales tax hike. Noack wanted to show that it wasn’t just the sales tax rising – that locals were being nickeled and dimed to the poor house…

So he collected the year’s increases in sewer, water, taxes, garbage and utilities and found that the average city resident would be paying $441.39 more for that stuff in the coming year. That is really something, don’t you think?

I bet you have similar increases in your community.

I guess the point is that writing about these fee hikes and tax increases serially is one thing. But when you put the pieces together, readers get the kind of full picture they can only get from a community newspaper.

Many of you have probably already collected these things in similar fashion. If you haven’t, you might think of doing so. It makes for an arresting graphic. You don’t have to work up something this pretty; a simple bar chart would do.

— Clay


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