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In Writing on 15 Oct 2010 at 8:13 am

Earlier this summer, the Wick family endowed a new internship expressly aimed at giving talented University of Arizona students a chance to write about cutting-edge science, and Wick papers an opportunity to run the resulting stories.

This is an exciting development and comes at a time when most newspaper chains are cutting back on both science coverage and internships.

Our first such intern is Jacelle Ramon-Sauberan. And her first story is about UA’s SkyCenter atop Mount Lemmon. For decades the amazing images provided by the telescope there were available only to scientists, but now the SkyCenter is open to the public. As program coordinator Adam Block told Jacelle, “The images seen through a 32-inch telescope on this mountain is as good as it gets unless you can get a larger telescope and a taller mountain.” (By the way, that’s Adam’s photo above, from the SkyCenter.)…

Perhaps the coolest part of the whole deal is that people anywhere in the world can log on to the telescope and download photos to their desktop.

Jacelle’s story, including an “If you go” box and provided photo, is available to all of us in the Wick chain. It’s not entirely timeless, though if you lose elements of the box it would really work any time.

And this is just the beginning. There are already efforts in place to hire the next intern when Jacelle’s term is up. And she is working on some really interesting stories, which should be available soon. They include:

  • Gardens on the moon. Researchers at the UA Controlled Environment Agriculture Center have shown that plants from earth can be grown without soil on Mars or the moon.
  • The night sky, as told by the Tohono O’odham. A traditional tale of the cosmos, from the perspective of one of Arizona’s indigenous peoples.

So how do you get these stories? Green Valley News Managing Editor Dan Shearer is Jacelle’s liaison and has already sent the story to those in the region. And he would be happy to send it to you, too. E-mail him at dshearer@gvnews.com.



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