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Out on the border

In journalism on 6 Jan 2011 at 5:12 pm

To some southern Arizonans, the line between the U.S. and Mexico is just imaginary. Others believe it should be a fortified barrier.

So begins a wide-ranging project conducted by several of Wick’s southern Arizona newspapers. It’s a broad attempt to understand the many aspects of life along the border in 2011. It includes aerial shots of the land along the fence, a discussion of the perils of living in the area these days, and a detailed look at just who owns the land, among many other facets.

It all began with something group manager Tom Lee heard on C-SPAN, if I remember correctly. Tom heard a legislator say that Mexican drug cartels were buying up land north of the border for their own nefarious purposes and that got Tom thinking… is that true?

Determining that wasn’t easy and involved a private title company, arcane maps and loads of work, much of it done in the offices of the Sierra Vista Herald.

While I haven’t yet read the entire package, it’s available online on the Herald site. It’s elegantly designed and covers a range of questions pertaining to life along the border. The series also attempts to answer where we go from here. I really like the forward-thinking approach…

Congratulations to all involved on tackling a very big project.



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