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Working together works

In journalism, Uncategorized on 6 Jan 2011 at 4:57 pm

Lucy Parker knows a good story when she sees one. Lucy is a stringer who was working for the Daily News in Bogalusa, La., when she ran across a nugget that made her routine story something fit for the front page, above the fold.

The story seemed pedestrian at first. The city of Franklinton had hired a new policeman to oversee its DUI task force. Then Lucy found a link to a story in the St. Tammany News, one of our sister publications. That story noted that the new cop, Lenny Thompson, had been fired months earlier from the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office for his involvement in a barroom brawl.

The story remains intriguing and sensitive. Daily News Managing Editor Richard Meek says the Franklinton Police Chief knew of the firing when he hired Thompson, but some say Thompson was merely a peacekeeper in the whole sordid affair. (That may be so, but that wasn’t the indication at the time of the firing…)

Meek says the proximity of the Louisiana papers means that teamwork is a regular thing there. And I’m very glad to hear it. It’s certainly true in Arizona, where many of our journalists work together on projects all the time.

Incidentally, the story generated some fascinating back and forth in the comments section. Many of the posters appear to be coworkers with very strong opinions on the incident and firing. I suspect that discussion is also illuminating to readers.



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