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You’ve got mail… lots and lots of mail

In Management on 27 Jan 2011 at 11:05 am

As I write this, I have 5,833 messages in the inbox of my main work e-mail account. I probably have that many again in my personal account and another couple hundred on my Wick corporate account.

That is not necessary, its poor management, and represents a vast waste of time every time I wait for Entourage to load or try to find something. It’s also embarrassing as all get out.

I think I’m about to make a change. Thanks, Frank Bravo.

Frank is an IT guy in California and we hired him at the Half Moon Bay Review years ago to help set up our Web forum. He keeps a blog, which is where I saw this.

So why bother cleaning up your e-mail? Why not let your inbox and send folders run amok? The answer is space and speed, says Wick Director of Digital Media Pete Bakke. He notes that Wick has a maximum space allotment on its domain, so he auto archives daily and then he sorts by attachments and keeps those space-hog attachments on local folders, deleting the message…

Here’s what he wrote in an e-mail to me (which I have since deleted!): “Bottom line for me: If I take the time, just a few minutes a day to declutter and organize my e-mail, I never regret it. It’s the ol’ daily small pain vs. big awful pain conundrum. Sure saves time and makes you look smart when you are organized.”

I think it makes sense to develop a system for dealing with e-mail. Maybe you only check it a couple, or a few, times a day. And when you do, I suggest you do as Frank suggests – deal with things the first time. Reply now, or delete now, or distribute to the right person now. Otherwise, you will either forget all about it or at the very least have to address the issue again.

There are a number of resources available online and you can simply google your e-mail client for tools specific to the type of e-mail you use.

Understand, I’m not preaching from a position of strength. I’m terrible at this at the moment. But it’s something I want to tackle this year. And it might be something you want to think about too as you seek to be more efficient at work and in your life generally.



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