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In Online media on 24 Feb 2011 at 11:33 am

People ask me every day, “Clay, how did a digital dummy like you manage to make such a beautiful blog?”

OK, no they don’t. But sometimes I get the sense that some loyal Kicker readers think there is a bit of magic involved in blogging. They are laboring under the false impression that you have to know computer code or have a close personal relationship with Mark Zuckerberg to make things look right. Well, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Platforms like WordPress, which I use for the Kicker, and a host of others make it very easy.

I noticed that WordPress has demystified the whole thing here.

I mention this because I think there are a whole host of reasons to blog – beyond trading cookie recipes and sharing pictures with grandma. You could start a blog that covers one small corner of your community very well. For instance, you could start a high school baseball blog that would include reader comments, a place for folks to submit their own photos and video, a coach’s corner, schedules and whatever else you can think of. You could even get a sponsor and make the whole thing pay off. Once it was set up, it wouldn’t take much effort to keep the thing going…

As you can tell, I think it’s a great way to trade information – in a way that is searchable latter – between staff members. I also produce something like the Kicker (which I call “Post Mortem”) just for the staff of the Half Moon Bay Review. It covers the week that was, things I think we did particularly well and opportunities to do better next time. If you are interested in that endeavor, shoot me an e-mail — clay.lambert@wickcommunications.com.

Anyway, I don’t want you to think blogging is hard. If you are at all interested, and you don’t know a thing about it, take a look at the WordPress tutorial. I’m sure blogger.com and tumblr and all the rest offer similar tools and I hear some of them are even easier to use.



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