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Careful with those tweets!

In Online media on 17 Mar 2011 at 4:21 pm

The sheer number of twits tweeting without a single thought to the ramifications is increasing exponentially. I’m sure there is a mathematical formula to explain it. There is also growing evidence that what you tap out in a moment’s haste can land you in serious hot water.

Exhibit A: Celebrity Courtney Love went on a tweeting rampage in 2009, complaining bitterly about a fashion designer with whom she was engaged in a dispute. She used some colorful language to boot. Dawn Simorangkir sued her for defamation and last week Love settled the case for $430,000. Ouch.

Exhibit B: Cappie Pondexter is a WNBA star who will now forever be known more for her insensitivity on Twitter than for her basketball skills. She has apologized for suggesting that God was punishing the Japanese people, but her words will sting for a long, long time.

Exhibit C: NBA referee Bill Spooner has sued an AP reporter for alleging in a tweet that he told the Minnesota Timberwolves coach he would fix a bad call by making another bad call against the opposition later in the game. “That’s NBA officiating,” Jon Krawczynski wrote in a tweet. That’s also grounds for a lawsuit, according to the referee’s attorney, who is alleging defamation.

Twitter is addictive and the allure of instant communication with “followers” is seductive. I think these bad outcomes give us pause. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use social media – you absolutely should. Just remember that tweeting is writing and you should think before you type anything.

— Clay


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