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The war of northern aggression

In Ideas on 8 Apr 2011 at 8:14 am

That’s what my Southern-to-the-core grandfather used to call the Civil War — the war of northern aggression. I think he was joking. Perhaps it is my southern roots, but the Civil War has always fascinated me – no matter what it was called.

The war between the states began 150 years ago April 12, when confederate forces attacked a Union fortress at Fort Sumter, S.C. Over the next four years, it became the most deadly war the country would ever experience. (Did you know that 30 percent of southern men between the ages of 18 and 40 died in the war? Think about that.)

Anyway, I was wondering whether the anniversary merits coverage in any of our papers? I’m certainly not suggesting a history lesson on the war, but if there were battles fought nearby, Civil War vets buried in local cemeteries, industries that got their start providing munitions… I think you may have cause for an interesting story or two and the time may be right now.

In many markets, PBS is replaying the acclaimed Civil War series over several nights. That would make a nice info box to put in the shoulder of the story. You could ask readers online how the lessons of that war still reverberate. …

Just a timely idea.

If you decide to charge forward (like Sherman toward Atlanta), there are tons of resources online. The photo at top, for instance, is an unrestricted photo of Gen. Donald Sickles taken by the legendary photographer Mathew Brady. You can find it on Flickr or here.



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