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And that’s the way it was

In Online media on 20 May 2011 at 6:18 am

Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer, eat your hearts out. Green Valley, Ariz., has Nick Prevenas and Regina Ford.

The Green Valley News has begun to produce short television-style broadcasts of headlines to be found in the newspaper. It’s not a new idea. I believe other Wick newspapers have done something similar through the years, and there have been some really well-produced Web “broadcasts” on newspaper Web sites for years. Some newspapers have even provided video coverage of their staff meetings for anyone who is interested.

Nonetheless, it’s a project that still takes print people out of their comfort zone, and that in and of itself is probably worthwhile. Green Valley News Editor Dan Shearer says he and his staff are committed to producing two videos a week, none of them longer than three minutes. He says they get each one done in 20 minutes, including all the set up.

A key part of the project is the 15-second commercial one of the anchors reads to start the Webcast. That makes it not only a public service but a potential profit center as well. …

Dan says you can’t simply “rip and read” as broadcast writing is a slightly different animal. I’d be interested in hearing more about that. He also takes care with the wording of the advertisement so that it doesn’t compromise Nick or Regina, who are reporters for the newspaper.

Perhaps most important, it looks like fun. Congratulations, guys.

– Clay


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