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Sure is hot out there

In journalism on 28 Jul 2011 at 2:36 pm

I have always hated writing weather stories. I’m not talking about tornadoes and hurricanes or other big events. I’m talking “will-it-ever-stop-raining” and “it’s-so-hot-that” kinds of stories. For one thing, the weather’s likely to change by the time the dang print edition hits the street.

Plus, it’s just hard to find a good angle that hasn’t been played out. If I see one more photo of folks rollicking in a fountain I don’t know what I’ll do.

That’s why I thought this was funny. According to The Atlantic Wire, there are only eight ways to cover a heatwave. That would explain the rash of so-hot-you-can-cook-on-your-dashboard stories that have been written of late.

You have to hand it to the Washington Post. Someone there had the genius idea of asking readers to name the heatwave. It couldn’t be a play on Armageddon or apocalypse, but other than that, the competition was open. At this writing, I don’t think they had settled on a moniker, but it was a spirited debate across many platforms – the blog, Twitter and Facebook. That’s a fun idea.

How are you guys covering the heat? It’s probably only going to get worse through August. Does anyone have any unique ideas?



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