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Putting the ‘i’ in Coastside

In Ideas on 18 Aug 2011 at 2:28 pm

I’ve known Roy Salume for a long time now. He was a school board member here in Half Moon Bay and was also a member of our newspaper’s community advisory board several years ago. He and I have lunch periodically, discuss the state of things, argue over the bill — that sort of thing.

One day he said he had something special to show me. Boy, did he ever. He and his partners are calling it iCoastside, and it’s a mobile app designed to tell locals and visitors everything they need to know about what we locals call the San Mateo County Coastside.

It’s got an extensive local business directory, links to Review stories and our Web forum and a really impressive directory of vendors, events and so forth related to the city’s annual Pumpkin Festival. (Don’t laugh… it brings about a half-a-million tourists each year.) It’s also got emergency contact information that downloads onto your smart phone – meaning you won’t need a wireless connection if an earthquake ever takes down the infrastructure around here. …

Roy and his partners are hoping we will publicize his creation and allow them to link to our stories. And I’m happy to do both. There may be other synergies down the line. Perhaps it will become an advertising platform that our sales reps can sell on a revenue-sharing basis. Maybe we’ll write a feature on the iCoastside project. We may ask for their expertise in creating hyperlocal mobile apps for some future project.

For me, this is about leveraging the expertise in our community for the benefit of all and not simply turning away local people who might at first seem like competition. In a perfect world, we would have developed iCoastside on our own. We don’t have that ability, so I’m happy that Roy and Joe and others around here do.



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