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In Writing on 1 Sep 2011 at 12:26 pm

I have long had a bromance with the Merriam-Webster dictionary. I have two of them on my desk right now. So I thought my old pal was merely goofing on me, as old fist-bumping buddies are wont to do, when I read this.

Cougar? Fist bump? Bromance? Really?

Yes, really. The wizards of words have decided once again to expand our language with terms we all know but rarely reduce to print. I was immediately outraged, of course. And just as quickly got over it. As the article points out, these revisions have been going on for a long time and have included terms we all use all the time today, including “uptempo,” “fed up” and “group therapy.”

That doesn’t mean we should all work the term “bromance” into a story next week. But we should be aware of changing patterns in speech and what is becoming acceptable even in the rather stuffy halls of Merriam-Webster’s card-catalogue-clogged offices.

What would you add?



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