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Covering weather in the cloud

In Ideas on 8 Sep 2011 at 8:53 am

Covering a big weather event can be terribly disorienting. It’s hard to know beforehand just how bad things are going to get. The crisis may last an hour or several days. You may lose power when you need it most. It may be unsafe to traverse the streets. And your own home and family may be in harm’s way.

An awful lot is asked of reporters and editors during a storm.

It helps to look for resources before things get bad. I’m sure Wick editorial folks in Louisiana and North Carolina particularly have already done that.

I just wanted to point out a plethora of web resources that might have escaped notices. I can’t get enough of the Journalist’s Toolbox. There are perhaps a hundred or more links and ideas here for covering your next weather emergency. I should say that some of the links are bad and some of the tips are a couple of years old. You have to sift through them a bit.

A few I like a lot:

  • The South Florida Sun-Sentinel has a nice standing page with hurricane updates throughout the season. Want to know what the next storm will be named? You’ll find it here along with maps and other cool stuff. …
  •  Add context with a little history from the National Weather Service. You’ll also find seasonal outlooks with those tracking maps from the past.
  • Help readers get the attention of local government and report storm damage through ClickFix. We routinely show what is waiting on a fix through ClickFix on our homepage. It might take off in your community (and your local government may or may not appreciate the input.)

As I say, some of the links are worthless. But take a look. Now. Before it’s too late.



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