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‘We look forward to Wednesdays’

In sports on 30 Sep 2011 at 7:43 am

I saw a tweet from Las Vegas Sun web guru Rob Curley, crowing about his newspaper’s coverage of prep football. (And, yes, I used “tweet” and “crow” in the same sentence. You’re welcome.) I took a look and have to admit, the Sun coverage is really something.

You may know of Curley and the Sun. Curley is a regular on the journalism industry speaking circuit. He and a ridiculously large team of talented Web designers put together occasional jaw-dropping online presentations, such as the interactive map you can see here. The Sun has also recently won a Pulitzer for it’s print coverage of building practices in Vegas.

The Sun is something of an aberration in the business. It is funded by a Joint Operating Agreement between the media company that owns it and the Las Vegas Review, which handles all the circulation and business functions. It has deep pockets.

Few other newspapers are as innovative with their online offerings – and most of what the Sun does is really hyperlocal. Take a look at the paper’s prep football page. I’ve never seen anything like it and Curley was right to crow in this YouTube video. …

Key to the whole thing is that the newspaper takes prep sports seriously. It’s as if NBC and FOX rolled into town for the prep game of the week.

There are weekly picks, rundowns of key matchups, features, video productions. It’s great, don’t you think? We would all love for our local prep coaches to gush about our coverage the way these guys did on Curley’s YouTube clip:

“The reality of it is, (players) are on the site, they’re reading. Heck, my staff, myself, we look forward to Wednesdays.”

— Paul Bennett, Desert Pines High School football coach.

“Sometimes they love (sportswriter) Ray Brewer. Sometimes they hate Ray Brewer. I think what they are doing for our community is fantastic.”

Chris Faircloth, Las Vegas High School football coach.

Take this as a challenge. Consider doing something different with your high school coverage. Think of something that will make your local coaches sing your praises.

— Clay


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