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Ask for a little help

In journalism on 7 Oct 2011 at 9:11 am

Hey, I was reading a story from the Montrose Daily Press this week and it occurred to me that we could have helped with that.

Here’s what happened:  A young swimmer from Montrose, Colo., traveled to San Francisco to participate in an incredible swim from the shore of San Francisco to Alcatraz island. That isn’t easy. That swim used to kill escaped prisoners when the notorious jail was in operation. So making the swim is kind of a big deal, a perfect story for the local newspaper.

The Half Moon Bay Review is about 30 minutes south of San Francisco. It isn’t in our backyard. We wouldn’t normally cover that event – unless a local resident was participating, which happens from time to time. But we might have been able to run out there and get a photo and a little hometowner for Montrose, had we been asked. …

The point is, occasionally, one of your own may be doing something cool in the vicinity of another Wick newspaper. You probably can’t make the trip. But you might get a nice localized story by a trained journalist if you ask nice. I bet our photo would have been better than the one mom and dad sent to the Daily Press (see above.)

Big chains do this all the time. When I worked for Gannett, writing such hometowners for other Gannett newspapers was a big part of my sportswriting duties.

Just something to consider. Be familiar with the company’s other newspapers. Know where they are. Don’t be afraid to give the managing editor a call if you need something.



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