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It’s the pictures, stupid

In Photography on 23 Mar 2012 at 8:19 am

Quick: When you goof around on Facebook, are you more likely to comment on a photo your friend posts than if it were merely a text post? On Twitter, are you most likely to click links for instagrams? When you look at your newspaper, what draws your attention first? Is it the photos?

There is growing evidence that we are increasingly sharing photos on the Web and that we are perhaps innately drawn to the images others post as well. And technology has given us all the opportunity to shoot nice photos and post them directly to some sharing site in a matter of seconds. Photography is no longer the realm of professionals with expensive toys.

That has real-world implications not only for those of us in the news game, but for our advertisers as well. AdAge columnist Chas Edwards talks about all of this in a very important column.

Pinterest, for example, is an exploding site that allows users to “pin” photos of things they like on their bulletin boards. Friends see those images and you can be sure many of them are intrigued enough to buy these things. Businesses have had success with Craigslist and eBay, in part, because they can post photos of their goods, and those pictures tell a thousand words to a potential buyer.

All of this should be gratifying to professional newspaper photographers. If images are the newest currency of the Web, that should translate into a new value for their work. I know a winning photo on your website will attract readers. Because of the success of these new social media toys, that should be more obvious than ever.



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