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In Online media on 6 Apr 2012 at 8:56 am

You know that if 600 local residents turn out for a school fundraiser that raises $78,000 in Cade, La., that the Daily Iberian will be there. That is big news in a small town.

Of course, even if the newspaper covers an event like that, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it will make the most of the opportunity. Thankfully, the Daily Iberian has Lee Ball and some forward-thinking editors. Ball, the Daily Iberian photographer, posted 85 photos from the event onto the newspaper’s website. All of them are for sale and, while I don’t know how many prints or jpgs have sold, I know a whole bunch of people have had a look at them. Thursday, Daily Iberian Publisher Will Chapman said the package had generated 20,000 pageviews. Holy Mackerel!

This sort of thing doesn’t just happen. Bell had to take all the photos and download them to the site. The Daily Iberian’s news team had to write the story and come up with an effective tease. Will says the newspaper pointed readers toward the additional photos with a box in Sunday’s newspaper. It all happened quickly too. I’m told the event was Saturday night and the story and photos were in the paper the following morning. …

Sometimes the Web numbers are a mystery to me. I’m never quite sure whether our initiatives are going to work. But photos of local people – particularly when they are in costume and acting the fool — are always a good bet.

This is a great job by the team at the Daily Iberian.



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