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They don’t need us!

In Online media on 27 Apr 2012 at 8:25 am

We interrupt your daylong exercise in Web browsing for an important news update: Social media is replacing traditional news organizations as your trusted source of news. Now, back to your regular Internet programming of adorable cats and Angry Birds.

Look, I try not to get defensive about this stuff. But this week there was another absurd wave of self-congratulatory shouting from the digital community about how they are replacing legacy news producers. Here’s the funny thing: the source of this information is … Go ahead look at the small print on the bottom of this graphic. I’ll wait. I don’t know, maybe I’m the only one who finds that ironic.

From mediabistro.com’s report:

Social media is now one of the top three news sources, commanding an impressive 27.8 percent of the market, and it’s catching up with the traditional newspaper… fast.

And the folks who are posting this news on Twitter and Facebook originally hear about the things they post where? I would say that, if I read that the mayor slept with the police chief on Stubbinsvilledailyherald.com and subsequently repost it somewhere, the Daily Herald remains the source. Am I crazy? …

OK. Got that out of my system. The truth is that there is more than a nugget of truth here. People are sending more tweets. They’re liking like there is no tomorrow. Social media is important. And I use it as a source of info for my reports every day. I don’t deny any of that.



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