Wick Communications

Withdraw from the News Bank

In Online media on 24 May 2012 at 1:49 pm

Did you know you can access most Wick newspaper content from a single online portal? It’s called News Bank.

News Bank is a service that provides newspaper content to university libraries. It pays Wick Communications for that content based on how many clicks our stories get. But you can use it too.

Click on any of the newspaper links and you can see a week’s worth of postings. I think you’ll miss anything behind a paywall, but I am not entirely sure.

The search function is the most interesting part of the deal, to me. Call up your own newspaper and search for something you know to be there. Now think about searching for something in your area that may have attracted coverage from other newspapers. You can search within newspapers and for terms across the entire site. It’s kind of cool that there is a single place to look for that content – a single place that actually pays for the privilege.

On its own website, News Bank makes the case for the value of newspaper work. The organization notes that newspapers provide up-to-date news and information on the grassroots level and that they are the best place to go for local perspectives. Readers can also track subjects historically across myriad sources through the News Bank search field.



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