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High school helpers

In Ideas on 3 Aug 2012 at 7:15 am

Recently, while in Montrose, Colo., visiting the Daily Press, I was pleased to meet Cassie Stewart. She is a local teen who is on her second stint with the Daily Press. She hopes to study journalism in college and is way ahead of her peers already. I mention Cassie because of this note that Dan Shearer sent from Green Valley, Ariz. One of my recommendations for the Daily Press is to approach Cassie’s high school about providing a venue for other talented journalism students. Once again, take it away, Dan. – Clay

The Green Valley News & Sahuarita Sun were approached in May by a high school video-arts instructor who said he had a deal for us: Free work from his top student.

We jumped at it.

Zach Jordan, all 16 years of him, has been producing videos for us since early June. He’s getting the hang of interviewing, meeting movers and shakers in town, and even learning what to wear depending on what he’ll be shooting. Much of his work complements a story being written by a reporter. Among his work have been videos to run with reviews of our 11 golf courses (he’s about halfway through) and a local barber in action. He’s currently in the midst of a video on an interesting cemetery in a nearby arts colony.

Zach’s a pro, and recently showed some dedication when he woke up at 6 a.m. to shoot about 30 seconds of a way-too-early-for-a-teenager Chamber of Commerce meeting. We tell him it builds character (and he believes us). …

Zach does most of his editing in the newsroom to get the feel for what it’s like around here, and he’s had a great learning experience. For the record, we’ve learned a lot, too. This is a classic win-win, allowing for mentoring, trying new things, pumping up our web site, and building a stronger bridge with the school district.

Zach follows in the footsteps of two informal interns we had last summer from the same high school who shot photos and wrote stories for us.

Dan Shearer


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