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Is ‘SoLoMo’ the answer?

In Online media on 11 Jan 2013 at 9:25 am
Courtesy: Monetate. See full graphic at bottom.

Courtesy: Monetate. See full graphic at bottom.

Remember Web 2.0? Believe it or not, the term appears to have been coined more than 10 years ago and referred to a move beyond the “static Web.” In the early days – way back in the 1990s – businesses and newspapers piled up their content on websites and that was that. Editors simply uploaded and waited for the readers to come.

Web 2.0 wasn’t entirely a technological change, but rather a change in the way developers and users thought of the Web. We wanted to interact with the computer in our homes. We wanted to comment on news stories and share photos with our friends on Facebook and a hundred other things like that.

And that was the end of change, right? Oh, of course not.

The latest such paradigm that I’ve heard is “SoLoMo.” Think social + local + mobile. The general idea is that there is some guy in your town who wants to call up a nearby sports bar on his cellphone. He wants to see reviews of the place, see if any of his friends are there now and perhaps download a coupon. …

To be honest, the possibilities sort of make my head spin. We’ve enabled our phones to track us and that means content can be tailored specifically to us and where we are going.

The trade publication AdWeek mentions “social local” this week in a story about the sputtering “hyperlocal” industry. That was another one of those things that going to save us all, remember? That concept was based on delivering news at a granular level — covering every bit of minutiae, block by block, in a given community. In theory, those resulting eyeballs would be valuable to advertisers because they were right around the corner. (I like to joke that the Half Moon Bay Review has been “hyperlocal” since 1898.) AdWeek suggests that we all must add these social components to our hyperlocal content in the new millennium.

Most of us already have the “so” and the “lo.” We’re still coming around to the “mo.” We may have a mobile site, but most of them are somewhat limited in terms of interactivity.

I mention all of this only in an attempt to keep current with digital trends. I suspect SoLoMo is just the latest iteration of technology-driven changes that will continue throughout our lives. Can you envision how social, local and mobile technologies could be useful in your newsroom?




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