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The word Final Four

In Writing on 21 Mar 2013 at 4:26 pm


Here is a silly idea I am stealing from Daily Writing Tips. It combines two of my favorite past times: Pointless time-wasting and mindless competition. Call it: The word championship.

So here’s what you do. Click on this bracket and print it out. Then invite 63 of your best friends (or better yet, get a dozen or a half-dozen or just a few friends or coworkers) and take turns filling in the bracket with your favorite words. Then go down the bracket and vote on best word. Match up the winners, etc., etc. It’s just like March Madness only it doesn’t exploit 18-year-old kids for profit!

But, Clay … why would I do that? Heck, I don’t know. Because it’s fun.

Far as I know, there are no rules. You can decide to use dictionaries and thesauruses or not. You are free to make up whatever criteria you like. Maybe you just like how orangutan looks on the page, or you are just the type of gal who is always committing apocopes. The winner gets to drop out of school and join a crummy NBA team. Or maybe just go back to work.

Consider it a vocabulary-building exercise. Tweet the idea to your followers. Blog about the winning word. Post them here.



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