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Three big changes

In Online media on 9 May 2013 at 2:58 pm

This is a public broadcasting report from Minnesota. The talking head is Seth Lewis, assistant professor of journalism at the University of Minnesota. Much of what he says has been said many times before, but I thought he made some good points about the big changes in our business.

Feel free to fast-forward to about the 5:15 minute mark.

  • The loss of subsidy. Lewis notes that the new question is “what is really worth it?” He asks how we can provide value (and leaves unsaid that that value has, well, value.)
  • The “Googlization of everything.” Search is the primary portal by which people get their news. Folks aren’t so much going to our homepage — our virtual front page — as coming to us through the back door of link sharing.
  • The role of journalists relative to users. Social media has changed our relations with our readers. He mentions Andy Carvin (follow him @acarvin!) as a journalist who made his name as a curator and filter of social media. “He was trying to give this running stream of events” of Arab Spring. To me, that is a brand new thing.

Clay (via Spundge reporting.)

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