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Fun with video and sports

In Video on 14 Jun 2013 at 8:52 am

Eric Grover has pulled off something that we’ve talked about at our place — at least in jest — for a long time. The Wahpeton Daily News sportswriter has become a video star by putting aside his pride and challenging the local stud to a sporting exhibition.

The key? He obviously enjoys doing it.

As you can see for yourself, Eric challenged Minnesota state high school sprint champion Michael Whitney to a 100-meter race. His video swagger aside, Eric was clearly a long shot. At this writing, the video had been viewed 174 times.

“Making videos and the multimedia aspect has always been a bonus for me,” he told me over the phone the other day. He has also challenged college three-point shooters to a contest, provided podcast interviews of local sports figures and even done some radio work in the area.

Eric said this production took him a couple hours. He recorded it in HD using a Flip camera and then used iMovie to edit it all.

It works because of his smart, self-deprecating delivery. It’s also well photographed and short enough not to require a commitment of the audience.

It all brings to mind George Plimpton. If you haven’t read Paper Lion, put it on your list. Plimpton made a fool of himself among professional athletes many times and he did it in a literary way that made a name for himself. If he’d had had a Flip camera, you can bet he would be challenging high schoolers to a race.

— Clay

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