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Using Twitter analytics

In Social media on 11 Jul 2013 at 2:21 pm

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The other day I stumbled on something that kind of blew my mind – Twitter analytics. Where did I find it? Where else: Twitter.

I don’t think the analytics tool has been shared widely, however. I couldn’t find Twitter crowing about it, but rather read about it from marketing bloggers. It’s curious. I could only access the analytics for the @hmbreview account and not the @wicknews account for some reason. I couldn’t tell you why.

Give it a try and see what you can discern about your own success with Twitter. You get to it from Twitter Ads. Just log in as you do to your regular stream and look for the “analytics” pulldown menu at top left. That’s it. Now what do you see?

There is a wealth of information available for our account. I can see how many people “follow” and “unfollow” on any given day. I can see how many tweets are retweeted, mentioned and “favorited.” I can also see how many times readers have clicked on each link I provide and the reach of each tweet. (That last metric is a function of the readership of folks who may share my tweets.)

Obviously, that is a lot to chew on and potentially very interesting. What kinds of tweets gain traction? Do we do better tweeting about stories that appeal to sports fans or younger readers, for example? Does the time of day matter? Do links to breaking news work better than automated tweets generated when we update the Web? …

Here are a couple of takeaways from our experience.

  • Localized takes on national stories gather eyeballs – when done correctly. One of our most successful tweets came on June 14. Apple had just named its new operating system after one of our local surf breaks and folks were interested in learning where the word “Mavericks” came from. I passed along a link to a Bloomberg report and that tweet got 79 times our normal reach. That means it was mentioned or retweeted by someone with a bunch of followers. Key to that success was including the appropriate hashtags. In this instance, I included the widely used hashtags for the conference at which Apple made the announcement. Put it all together and I tapped into the Internet zeitgeist. At the time, I didn’t really know I was doing it; thanks to Twitter analytics, I have a greater understanding of how that works.
  • Vine videos interest folks. On May 24, I took a six-second Vine video of our publisher putting up a flag at the office for Memorial Day. That bit of nothing important generated 30 clicks, many more than for most of the links that I share.
  • Breaking news works. Sharing a link to our story about a vicious beating in town generated 153 clicks. We also got good results from a fire in progress.



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