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Find it in Facebook

In Online media on 8 Aug 2013 at 4:43 pm


If you are like your friends at the Half Moon Bay Review, you have occasion to contact people through Facebook. Sometimes you are looking for a specific person – the victim of a crime, say, or perhaps an artist in your community. Other times you are looking for some unidentified stranger. We used it most recently to try to find people in our area who have built elaborate “man caves” (you know, dad’s old study on steroids). We want to talk to them and photograph their play spaces for a magazine feature we’re working on.

You may be interested in going further, however. Facebook is the world’s leading social network; the figures I’ve seen suggest there are twice as many people on Facebook as on Twitter. It is, therefore, one of the best places to find all sorts of expertise and eyewitnesses.

Joe Galvin at Storyful.com has assembled some interesting tools that journalists might consider as they search for people on Facebook. I confess I was unaware of a couple of them.

I particularly like the tip about searching for “public posts” and am intrigued by the concept of paying a buck or so for inbox messaging. I suppose it might be worth it from time to time. …

Of course, I would suggest caution in using content you find on Facebook, both for privacy concerns and issues of veracity. But making contact with potential sources seems like a no-brainer?

One more thing: Consider “liking” other Facebook pages within the Wick family. As CEO John Mathew noted recently, you can learn a lot by what’s going on at the paper by it’s page… You can also see what’s not happening with social media, unfortunately.

How do you use Facebook?


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