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‘I was basically a monster’

In Video on 16 Aug 2013 at 8:09 am


The Sierra Vista Herald did a small but phenomenal thing in order to tease a very good feature in last Sunday’s newspaper. It posted 28 seconds worth of priceless video on Facebook.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Adam Curtis wrote the terrific story, recounting the difficult years of local resident Carlos Yniguez. Yniguez rolled his car 20 years ago and that resulted in facial trauma that required 30 surgeries. His face is still badly scarred, but Curtis makes that face human. It’s a wonderful story about redemption, love, struggle and the stuff of life. Do yourself a favor and read it.

The Herald was not content to simply publish the story in the newspaper and move on. The staff created a very short video allowing Yniguez to tell his own story in snippet form and posted that video on the newspaper’s Facebook page a couple days before the story hit the streets. As you can see, dozens of people “liked” the video and many more commented. It surely created a buzz for the story. Here’s the Facebook page, though you’ll have to scroll around to find it.

The Herald’s treatment is honest, compassionate and just wonderful. It also shows that video needn’t be an all-day hassle. You can create videos like this with a smartphone using apps like Videolicious. Done right, it doesn’t need to take more than half an hour to shoot, edit and post and it sure is effective. …

As it happens, I had the opportunity to talk to Herald Editor Eric Peterman and photographer Mark Levy just last week. Both are increasingly interested in video and the evidence of that interest is clear. Just a great job of crossing platforms and making a big deal out of your best work.

I know I’m going to be looking for an opportunity like this in the near future and I hope you will too.

— Clay


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