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This is why graphics matter

In Design on 6 Feb 2014 at 5:14 pm

optimist-thumb-550x733Words are nice. As a matter of fact, they are my communication drug of choice. I traffic in them whenever possible. I am much better at writing about my feelings than expressing them in person.

So don’t get me wrong when I acknowledge the truth that sometimes a picture – a photo or graphic like the one above – is worth a thousand words.

That graphic up there goes with a kind of nothing story that ran in Westword, a Denver alt-weekly, the week before the Denver Broncos were dismantled in the Super Bowl. The story claimed to identify 12 Bronco fan stereotypes that were alive and well in the metro area. It’s not journalism. It’s an invitation to click to read the next stereotype. It’s also kind of fun.

I doubt anyone would bother to click if not for those clever graphics. They were produced by Noah Van Sciver, who is a Denver-area artist.

Is it just an excuse to make readers click? Yes. Is there any real journalism at evidence here? No. But it’s nonetheless cool and it engages readers who seemed to have a good time squawking about it on Facebook. That is part of what we all strive to do, is it not? Entertain and engage?

I asked Noah if it would be OK to publish one of those graphics and he graciously allowed it. He said he was just given the stereotypes and ran with them. Would that we were all so talented.


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