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In journalism on 26 Jun 2014 at 2:29 pm
Grand Torchlight Procession of the Wide-Awake Clubs in the city of New York. I got this off the commons and I'm not sure of the newspaper.

Grand Torchlight Procession of the Wide-Awake Clubs in the city of New York. I got this off the commons and I’m not sure of the newspaper.

Half Moon Bay has a thoroughly wonderful Fourth of July tradition. A committee of citizens sponsors the “Ol’ Fashioned Fourth of July Paarde.” There are kids, pets, fire trucks and the usual parading stuff of small-town America. I don’t know what the whole thing costs but it’s got to be negligible. There are also a couple picnics at a senior services center and the American Legion post.

What we don’t have any more are fireworks. We don’t have them because when we did it was a five-figure expense no one wanted to incur. (It was also once sponsored by a criminal, a fact that spawned one of my more strident editorials. Later, I wrote an editorial suggesting we didn’t need any darn fireworks to celebrate a nation worth celebrating..)

Fireworks feel to me like an anachronism at a time when so many governments are cutting back. It’s just hard to justify spending tens of thousands of dollars for a show that is inherently dangerous and lasts only a few minutes even as the local governments that have traditionally sponsored these events are cutting back on parks, personnel and a range of services. …

You are free to disagree. Are you planning a Fourth of July editorial? I’d like to see what symbolism is important to you and I’d like to see you comment on how your community chooses to celebrate.


  1. I have to say that the reason you don’t have fireworks is probably a liberal agenda that wants to spend more money on health care and frivolous stuff like that *snicker. Our town has been taking care of their money and has a growing windfall of a million dollars plus. Our fireworks was great an our and contributed to the local economy. Food, gas, beer, fireworks stands, ect. I think you might have it wrong this time Clay. By the way shooting fireworks is less dangerous than taking a bath, driving a car, need I say more. Happy Fourth just thought you might need a different perspective on this one.

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