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In Communication on 2 Oct 2014 at 2:35 pm

David Bell is second from the left, and that’s Monica, second from right, and they are surrounded by their colleagues.

Recently, Wick Digital Media Sales Manager Jim Keyes sent a lovely email to some of the company brass, noting the special relationship between Publisher Monica Watson and Editor David Bell. Jim notes that the relationship between editor and publisher is absolutely critical at any newspaper and that the one Monica and David share contributes to their success – including the fact that Safford has made budget eight of the last nine months.

I could not agree more. I have written about the importance of the editor/publisher thing before, so this time I thought it was time to hear from David. Here are his thoughts on nurturing that relationship.

— Clay

It was a nice surprise to receive kudos from Jim Keyes in a recent Wick Communications e-mail.

And when Clay asked us to come up with something for The Kicker on our working relationship, it prompted us to think about what we’re doing. And we’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no secret to the working relationships here in Safford, Clifton and Willcox. Any success we’ve achieved is a result of communication. …

Yes, that’s trite (and hardly groundbreaking) but it’s true. Monica keeps all the department heads — not just editorial — up to date on everything going on with the paper. The result is a partnership, where everyone feels free to help each other problem-solve, ideas are shared across departments and staff feels an ownership in the paper.

We also all share the same goal. Monica has assembled a team of department heads that want the papers to succeed — both in content and financially. Monica has created a positive work environment and that means editorial isn’t at odds with sales and vice versa.

Finally, it’s not personal. Of course we disagree sometimes and the disagreements can be passionate. But all the department heads know that we’re disagreeing about how we each think we can make the paper better. And because we know we share the same goal, the result is often finding a middle ground that’s better for the Courier, Copper Era and Range News than the sides we initially staked.

If I were reading this, I’d think, “You guys do all the things in the self-help books about relationships? Yeah, right. Where’s the ‘Make time for each other?’ and the ‘Respond by saying I respect where you’re coming from’ line?” But it’s true.

It’s as simple as talking.

David Bell


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