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New Town News possibilities

In Online media on 13 Nov 2014 at 3:20 pm

Town news

Last week Town News hosted a widely attended webinar in order to announce some “customer-facing” changes to the software many of us use every day. Wick Digital Media Manager Christian Ramirez and I, and perhaps others in the company, listened in. And you can too. The new features are listed here, and Christian says he will send out a link to the recorded webinar as soon as it’s available.

The changes include a “long-form” presentation mode that allows for a more elegant online look. It could be perfect for something with really good art and lots of words. (Look at the “presentation” tab next to “Display priority” when you are creating an article asset.) You can create “top-10” kinds of lists that prompt readers to click for each new entry. And Town News has simplified its syndication tool, which allows editors to pull in outside content once a hub has been created.

Christian and I talked about it and our first blush is that this stuff is nice, an improvement, but likely not tools we will use every day at this point. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t know about them and experiment the next time you have a listcicle or a three-part series that deserves attention. If it’s your job to update a Town News site, you should sign up for the Town News newsletter and keep your eye on townnews.com. There are tips for creating collections, positioning ads and an entire video tutorial.

We’ll keep you updated as important things change, but feel free to look at the tools available to you on your own. There are likely Town News things you could use.



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