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Make your top 10 special

In Online media on 18 Dec 2014 at 3:44 pm

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This is a lightly edited email sent by Wick Web developer James Werner earlier this week. It speaks for itself. Too often we let opportunities slip by. Here comes another one. Will you take it? — Clay

It’s that time of the year again. And now, for Blox users, it’s a little bit easier to compile your top 10 stories of the year and display the articles in a nicer fashion. The collection function displays a group of articles, images, videos or any other assets in easy-to-use format. (For non-Blox users, we can help Anchorage and Sierra Vista separately if assistance is needed.)

To find your most-viewed articles, log into Blox and go to Statistics->Analytics and open the Editorial tree on the left. Double click on the Most Popular item and set the start date to Jan 1, 2014. By default, it will show the top 10, but you can set it to display more. In some cases, stories might be duplicated if they were in multiple sections, so you may want to grab more than 10.

Once you have identified the top stories, you can either create an article that links to them, or create a collection, which will display them in a unique way.

Here are collections with three different presentations, here, here and here

In Editorial, create a new asset, but instead of an article, create a collection. In a collection, instead of having an area to place article text, there is an area to add stories. Click on the Add button, and go to Find Assets. From here, search for the articles in the top 10 and add them to the collection. Once you have added the articles, on the bottom, next to the Start Date and Display Priority is a dropdown with different ways to display the collection. You can display it as a list, a sliding panel, or as a vertical display.

Please let us know if you would like any assistance in creating a page or collection.

— James Werner can be reached at james.werner@wickcommunications.com or (520) 295-4249.


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