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Making time to read

In Online media on 22 Jan 2015 at 11:02 pm

Emi art

This week I wanted to draw your attention to the important work of Emi Kolawole. She is currently editor-in-residence at the Stanford d.school, which is almost impossible to describe. The d.school is redesigning everything. She has worked at the Washington Post, Congressional Quarterly and with Gwen Ifill on Washington Week.

She maintains two blogs well worth your time. Emi, Eponymously often looks at the realities of life in an age of rapidly changing technology. The piece that follows first appeared there. The second is The Whiteboard, the d.school blog. It will make your head spin, in a good way. I asked Emi if I could republish this one because it deals with something we all need to do: Make time to read in 2015. Take it away, Emi. – Clay

My Pocket is overflowing.

If you use the Pocket app to store reading for later, you know of that to which I am referring. The application is useful in that it allows you to save web articles and documents to read later. It comes with the added benefit of presenting the content without advertising and in a clean, easy-to-read format. …

Here’s the rub. I never get to read most of these articles. Rather than a small, cozy space for some great reading, Pocket has become a bulging behemoth mocking me from my desktop dock.

Read me, Seymour!

The insult to injury here is that the number of pieces — long form or short form — that I have been reading slips daily. Why read now, when I can read later? Never mind the fact that “later” never arrives.

This is tantamount to a death sentence for a writer. One of the best ways to improve your writing is to read great writing (and sometimes not-so-great writing). If you don’t read, you can’t improve, no matter how much writing you do.

Here’s how I plan to turn this around:

  • I am going to ask friends to send me a good read. Three cheers for social contracts!
  • I am going to read for 30 mins. every night. This is already a goal on my coach.me app, but I have not been prioritizing it.
  • I am going to take an online speed-reading course. If you have recommendations, please send them my way.

Alright, let’s see how this goes…

Emi Kolawole


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