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Time to win a Wicky!

In Uncategorized on 18 Jun 2015 at 1:18 pm
This is not a Wicky Award. But it's cool, no?

This is not a Wicky Award. But it’s cool, no?

Ah, the birds are chirping, baseball’s all-star break is nearly upon us and the kids are … hey, where are the kids anyway? Haven’t seen them since school let out. That means it’s time once again to announce the coming of the Wick Editorial Awards.

This year, as last year, there are six categories – Community Pride, Enterprise, Breaking News, Feature or Sports, Editorial Comment and Online Reporting. I’ll spell out the criteria for each categories, the deadlines and so on in a separate email.

Today is about convincing you that it’s worth your while.

Last year, about three in four Wick newspapers sent entries. That’s good, but I want you all to seek this recognition. The re-imagined Wickies are in their third year. It’s been an honor for me to serve as a judge and I’ve been blown away by your work. I’ve seen a real commitment to lead your community in your opinion pages. I’ve seen enterprise entries that took weeks to report and write and brought unique stories to readers that are surely famished for them.

But this isn’t about treating me. This is about recognition for your work. Again this year we plan to show off the winners in a special edition of The Eagle. It will be distributed to all of your peers in the company and rest assured the company brass is paying attention. …

Beyond that, you deserve it. We all work very hard every day to be fair and to report on our communities because such reporting is necessary in a free and open society. It’s largely thankless work. We hear about it when we screw up; few people bother to tell us about a job well done. I want to tell you about a job well done.

Please look for an email in the coming days with details on the categories, the deadline for entries and entry guidelines. And don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.



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