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Justice serves pure applesauce

In Writing on 13 Aug 2015 at 4:31 pm


Thank you, Justice Antonin Scalia, for introducing me to fun slang that seems like something out of a Lewis Carroll novel for kids rather than a Supreme Court opinion. It’s the little things in life…

You probably heard that the learned man in the black robe used the term “jiggery pokery” in a recent dissent and I say anyone who turns to 19th century British slang to insult the opposition is OK by me!

So what does it mean?

The Oxford English Dictionary says it means “flim-flam” or “hocus pocus,” which are also wonderfully evocative phrases. He also asserted the majority of the court was engaged in “pure applesauce” when it affirmed Obama’s health care plan. How can you not love that? (Pure applesauce apparently means something like “make believe.”)

Time and NPR point out that the court has a long history of really fun wordsmithing in its opinions. I include it here for no reason other than words are what we do and any effort to expand the nation’s collective vocabulary is to be encouraged.



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