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Get smart on Twitter

In Online media on 10 Sep 2015 at 4:16 pm

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I got a great suggestion from Wick Advertising Director Cindy Hefley this week. She forwarded this terrific list of smart Twitter denizens and suggested I might come up with my own and share it here. You are welcome. There is nothing special about it. These are just friends, colleagues or others in our business who consistently post thought-provoking things on Twitter. If you play with Twitter at all, I’m sure you have your own equally valid list.

As part of his list, Bloomberg’s Tom Keene (@tomkeene) suggested a great way to grow your list of interesting folks. Simply look to see who the people you follow are following.

OK, here are mine:

@KVeklerov is the editor-in-chief of the University of California Daily Californian student newspaper. You can follow her if you want, but the point here is you should definitely find the editors of your local college student newspapers. Follow them. Interact with them. Recruit them.

@newsdesignnerds probably needs no introduction. Want good ideas for your next special layout?

@RRHeraldPublisher is Titus Workman. He has been working the heck out of Twitter of late. He’s using it to push his blog, “Publisher Talk,” to send photos from news events he attends and to share links to his newspaper’s stories. In fact, go ahead and follow all Wick publishers who have accounts. …

@CordeliaHeb is someone I briefly met at an event while she was a Knight Fellow at Stanford. She founded something called socialmediareporter.org. Go ahead and look. You’ll be amazed.

@MarkMemmottNPR is the standards and practices editor for NPR. You say you want to keep up with best practices in the industry? Here’s a good place to start.

@NYTArchives gives regular, fun, historic clips from the newspaper of record. This is actually something we could all do with our own newspapers. I do it inconsistently on Instagram.

@Medium is my favorite new blogging tool. You read some amazing things on there.

Go forth. Find your own. Send me yours. Twitter is like a massive online classroom. I’d love to see who you are following.



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