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Take a Twitter Moment

In Social media on 8 Oct 2015 at 3:17 pm


This week, Twitter just couldn’t stop making news. First, it announced founder and interim CEO Jack Dorsey would take the job fulltime. Then it dropped Twitter Moments.

If you want to know more about Dorsey and what he means to the social network platform, you should read Nick Bolton’s book, “Hatching Twitter.” We’ll all just have to see what Moments ultimately means for us.

Here’s what we know: Twitter has hired curators (those people we once called “editors”) to assemble interesting tweets from across the world on trending topics. These are Moments that are available when you enter the app and touch the lightning bolt at the bottom of your Twitter mobile page. Read the blog post for a primer.

What does it mean to journalists? Well, I’m not sure. It is a good way to keep up on user-generated content on a variety of stuff that may touch on your coverage area. It may also suck traffic from Facebook Instant Articles and even traditional media websites. If there is an earthquake in China today, god forbid, where would you go to find out about it? I might go to Twitter Moments for news stories, photos from amateurs at the scene and who knows what else.

Dorsey is charged with growing an already huge audience to Twitter. This development may help. Wired magazine calls Moments “Twitter’s most important new feature ever,” a way for non-users to finally “get” what Twitter is about.

Take a look. Imagine a time in the not-too-distant future when you can create your own Moments about local events. The future of news is here and keeps evolving.



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