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Your meetings are your culture

In Management on 22 Oct 2015 at 3:38 pm


Mizell Stewart, managing director of content at Journal Media Group, surveyed a room that included several dozen of the nation’s top news editors and summoned the temerity to tell them they have been doing it all wrong.

“We can do print in our sleep,” Stewart said during an early session of last weekend’s joint ASNE, APME and APPM meeting held at Stanford University. “You don’t need a meeting to do the print part.

“Make morning news meetings about what are you doing in digital – today,” he said.

Confession time: That isn’t how I’ve been doing it the last umpteen years. Worse: That isn’t really how I’ve counseled you to do it, either. There. I said it. It’s time that we reinvented those news meetings and at the very least given digital an equal footing with the print product.


Stewart says – and I believe him – that we have to consider our “newsroom rituals” if we are going to change our focus before the 21st century has its way with us. “Your meetings are your culture,” he said.

Do we need to change that culture? What do you think? …

Here’s what I’m going to change. Effective immediately, my tired old Word document (Sorry, Bill Gates!) will be replaced by a Google sheet that has columns for Web updates, videos, photo galleries and social media. We’re still going to give each story a slug and suggest a print deadline and the art to go with it. But we’re also going to look for those other things.

Our meetings are going to be zippier than ever before.

It’s time to re-imagine our newsroom rituals. Not because the smartest guy in the conference room says we need to, but because it’s been obvious ever since we all got WiFi in our homes.

Feel free to contact me (650) 726-4424 and let’s talk about your meetings and how we might make them more appropriate to a mobile world.



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