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In Online media on 5 Nov 2015 at 12:39 pm

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By now you know (because the helpful folks on the Wick Digital Team sent you an email last week) that BLOX allows you to “broadcast” your Web posts at the time that you update your site. This is great, and I hope it gets even better.

As you know, posting links and engaging chatter on Facebook and Twitter is time-consuming and often falls by the wayside when things get busy. It would be great if you could do that at the same time you are updating the Web, right?

Well, now you can through a newly enabled BLOX tool called Broadcast.

The digital team already described the process better than I ever could. In a nutshell, you find the Broadcast option under the “Other” tab toward the right of your asset. From there it’s pretty self-explanatory. Click Twitter and/or Facebook and write the verbiage you want to appear with your post. They will pick up the art that is already with the story.

We know both intuitively and through analytics that ever-more people are coming to our content through social media rather than by clicking on our homepage and opening stories. Friends share our Facebook posts. People from around the world see our Twitter feeds. It’s where our readers are these days. So we absolutely need to meet them there. It is no longer enough to update the Web and wait. You have to push this stuff through a variety of other channels that include Facebook and Twitter.

Broadcast can help. …

Now the bad news. At present, you can’t schedule your posts and tweets via Broadcast. That means that when your new Web posting goes live, so does the tweet and Facebook post. Well, if you update the Web with all the day’s content, you can see that you could quickly flood your social media platforms with unwanted content. No one wants 15 Facebook posts from you in any given hour. I’m told that we’re asking Townnews for a scheduling option so that we could spread out those posts throughout the day and week, as we feel necessary. (Alessia Alaimo of our digital team notes you can already do that via third party sites like Hootsuite, which I use all the time to schedule Twitter posts.)

Broadcast could save you from copying and pasting and toggling back and forth between your live site and Facebook and Twitter with breaking news. Try it. I know I will.




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