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A big anniversary next year

In Ideas on 10 Dec 2015 at 12:17 pm

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.17.08 AM

I’m sure some of you did some fine work around the Dec. 7 Pearl Harbor anniversary. Wick CEO Tom Yunt noted that next year will mark the 75th anniversary of “the date which will live in infamy.”

As we prepare our editorial calendars for 2016, we might circle that one now. There are plenty of opportunities to note the date and its significance to our communities.

  • That horribly offensive cartoon you see above appeared in the Half Moon Bay Review in the 1940s. It’s shameful, but was just part of the racist propaganda that included greeting cards, Dr. Seuss cartoons and fake “Japanese Hunting Licenses.” What do your archives reveal about your newspaper and community in the 1940s?
  • Tell us about the WWII vets in your community. Maybe you do it with black-and-white then-and-now photos. Or first-person remembrances. You’re already good at this stuff.
  • Do you have any concentration camp survivors in your community? Talk to them.
  • Find a local historian who can talk about the changes the war wrought where you live. How did it change New Iberia or Ontario?

You get the idea. Put it on the calendar now.



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