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Stop waiting for inspiration

In Ideas on 14 Jan 2016 at 2:56 pm


Ah, yes. The dreaded blank sheet of paper. Er, I mean the empty white screen that stands between every writer and a job well done. It can be a veritable blizzard of white space, and you can be as lost there as in any snowstorm.

But here’s the truth and you’ve heard it before: The way out is straight ahead. Just. Get. Started.

I was reminded of this simple truth again while reading Tobias von Schneider’s terrific blog post, “The Inspiration Lie.”

The problem with finding the perfect inspiration is that it’s just a romantic dream. Waiting for inspiration to show up and solve my problems is really nothing more than an empty promise.

Inspiration is a little bit like love. Seeking for the perfect love is like seeking for perfect inspiration. The harder you try, the longer it will take. It’s like magic, maybe even luck.

Now you might think that luck is not fair and rather unpredictable because some have more and some have less. For me luck is more like an attitude.

You might not be able to control your own luck or inspiration, but you can definitely enhance it’s chances by putting yourself in positions where luck & inspiration is more likely to happen. …

The key is to start doing something, RIGHT NOW! — It’s about to start working immediately even if you don’t feel inspired or know where you are going yet. Inspiration will only hit you once you are already in motion, not while standing still doing nothing. …

Von Schneider suggests any number of ways you might put yourself in front of inspiration. Sometimes seeing a movie provides you with an idea. It might be a trip to the museum, coffee with a friend, jogging to music. My most important inspiration is always found in reading – newspapers, magazines and books. I’m not looking for inspiration. You just can’t read a good novel without being inspired by the story, the sound of the words in your mind, the sentence structure.

The hardest part of any job is getting started. If you can convince yourself that there is joy in that creative birth, you will be halfway there.


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