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Take it from an old guy, Kate

In journalism on 28 Jan 2016 at 1:58 pm

Courtesy The Telegraph

There was big news from the world of journalism this week and it didn’t involve a disgruntled billionaire with a William Randolph Hearst complex, somber word of layoffs or Sean Penn. No, this week we learned that Kate Middleton, the duchess of Cambridge, will be the new editor of Huffington Post UK!

Alright, simmer down. It’s only for one day. Still, pretty cool, right?

We’re told she will commission stories highlighting mental health issues. (Side note: You can tell she isn’t a real editor because if she were she would know coverage of “mental health issues” is no way to sell ads…)

Poynter asked the Twitterati if they have any advice for the duchess. Here’s mine. They are sort of tongue-in-cheek. But they are all true. …

  1. Don’t read the comments. Seriously. They will make you crazy.
  2. Don’t pick up the phone. There will be a guy who calls you before you get to the office, then at 11 a.m. and again as you are walking out the door. He wants you to know the cops done him wrong, the British government is taking over the local park and also about the aliens. Just let it ring through. He’ll call back tomorrow.
  3. In fact, don’t touch anything. That smudge on your desk? It’s where the last editor spilled burrito and attempted to wipe it up with his shirtsleeve. And see that pile of papers hanging precariously on the corner of your desk? It’s been there for decades. There will be a “Winston Churchilll campaign button somewhere in the bottom of the stack.
  4. Tweeting is a good way to act like you are doing something important. Perhaps you already know this. I’ll look and see.
  5. Snapchat is not a zippy conversation with a colleague. Leave it for someone younger. Sorry. Just saying.
  6. The mental health stuff will be good, I’m sure, but HuffPo would really appreciate some dirt from the castle. Trust me.

OK, sorry. I promise the next post will be something Kate could actually use.

— Clay


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