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Easy video editing

In Video on 10 Mar 2016 at 3:23 pm
To see the exciting burrito video, click the link below.

To see the exciting burrito video, click the link below.

This week I played with my phone. Which makes me the world’s oldest teenager. I had a legitimate business purpose. I swear.

Wick CEO Francis Wick asked me to download Tout, a video editing app that is used by GateHouse Media and many other bonafide news agencies. Having accomplished that, I felt obligated to try it out.

And I had a little trouble, to be honest. The audio of my video didn’t match the level of the audio recorded in the field. I couldn’t figure out how to stitch together more than three photos or videos. It took forever to load. I am absolutely sure all of that is a function of my lack of experience with the application. I’m going to keep at it and I hope you’ll download it and see what you can do as well. It’s free.

Videolicious is an app I found easier to use. I made this video while I was walking to lunch. OK, it shows. But it was very simple to make a couple very short videos, record a voiceover, add some stock music and download it so that it can be embedded on Facebook, Twitter or our website. I promise I’ll be using it as I cover stuff in the field. I think it is a nice bit of added value for readers. …

It is clear that we all must become more adept at making news videos. There is a place for well-produced serious journalism via video. (The San Francisco Chronicle even released a full-length documentary this week.) But there is also a place for fun, quick bits that take less than 30 minutes to produce and place. Sponsors are increasingly agreeable to this kind of coverage. Give the people what they want.

Download these apps. Try them out. Send me your results. And tell me about other such apps.



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