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Meet Hilde, reporter

In journalism on 7 Apr 2016 at 11:18 am

Just when you think all is lost, that journalism is about to be replaced in the dictionary with wikisocialsharingwhateverism, along comes Hilde Lysiak. Oh, thank god.

She is the publisher of the Orange Street News and you might have heard about her because CBS, The Washington Post and other more well-known outlets have reported on her journalistic enterprise. She is also 9 years old.

Hilde made a name for herself, in part, by covering a murder in her town of Selinsgrove, Pa. She was on scene hours before the “real” local newspaper and, because of her efforts, a lot of people in her community learned news that would be big in any small town. She sells a monthly newspaper, keeps a vibrant website and has more YouTube views than you do. (Trust me.)

Hilde was born to it. Father Matthew Lysiak used to be a reporter for The New York Daily News and he sometimes took his daughter on assignments. Older sister Isabel, who is all of 12, has an advice column in another local paper. …

Hilde is an inspiration because of her curiosity and sense of community. She didn’t decide to be a journalist then take classes to become more proficient. She just had a fevered passion for it. She is a natural questioner of authority. She gets what readers and viewers want from her. No one has to tell her the definition of news. She understands it in her being. That is two-thirds of what makes a good journalist. The rest is just practice.

Hilde says sometimes the local cops blow her off. Every now and then an adult will essentially pat her on the head and tell her to run along. I could tell her that even 53-year-old reporters have that problem from time to time.

“Sometimes they treat me seriously and sometimes they don’t,” she told an interviewer on the Today Show. “But usually what works for me is that I treat myself seriously.”

That’s it, I’m adopting Hilde.


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