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Dare you to watch this

In Ideas on 10 Jun 2016 at 7:19 am

If you are anything like me, you sometimes have trouble coming up with new angles for those annual events. High school graduation, street fairs, Fourth of July parades — they just keep wheeling around the calendar faster and faster the longer you stay in a job.

Perhaps that is why I was so impressed with the above video from Colorado State University. The occasion is graduation, but there is nothing typical about it. The production quality, the sound, the stark setting all work so well. But really it’s the very idea that is so breathtaking.

If you are a parent, I defy you to watch this without choking up.

Recently, CSU social and digital media coordinator Chase Baker wrote about the making of that video and some lessons he learned. It’s well worth your time.

Baker notes that it’s important to take risks, to try something new. He says that relationships matter, and I might add that building relationships with your sources is also important. He talks about details and the importance of drawing out emotions. …

I particularly recommend Baker’s Lesson No. 5. It’s important whether you are making videos, going to college or just trying to get the newspaper out the door.

Baker’s video took a lot of forethought, but it appears simple. It’s something any of us could have done (if not, perhaps, this well.) His genius was going out on a limb in the first place.



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