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Is all this anger justified?

In journalism on 10 Jun 2016 at 7:31 am
Reuters / Derek Hauck

Reuters / Derek Hauck

You probably read that many Bernie Sanders supporters consider it sacrilege that the Associated Press got off its collective duff and called all the super delegates to the Democratic Convention. The AP determined that enough of them were pledging to vote to Hillary Clinton to render the rest of the primary game moot.

How dare they?! They have no right to call the contest before the final vote! The AP is disenfranchising voters! Oh, the lamestream media…

It’s the same logic that Donald Trump has employed again and again. Blame the messenger. The press is just another institution to many people and, frankly, we have only ourselves to blame for that perception.

But are they right in this instance? Is it wrong to say it’s over before it’s over?

I don’t think so, do you? All the AP did was show some initiative. It called and counted and reported the count. The alternative is waiting till it’s over and letting someone else count. That isn’t proactive reporting. That’s transcribing. …

Besides, the contest isn’t over merely because the AP says it’s a foregone conclusion. The wire service could be wrong. It could be that many super delegates change their mind, leaving egg on the face of AP. The report amounted to an educated guess and the kind of data use that people say they want to see.

I urge you to read the complaints from Sanders aides and supporters in this story. Is calling a super delegate tantamount to “hounding?” Is the AP count similar to “what bookies do?”

For my part, I appreciate the AP’s drive to be first with the news in this case. Someone should say so.



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